The Story of ACE

Darren Moore
Last Updated: 11 months ago

The idea for ACE came in late-2018 after emergency financial support for the largest international concert in East Africa was provided by the community. The night before the event, top-tier musicians from the US and Europe refused to perform without pre-payment. The organizers were out of money and event sponsors had backdated all checks. No bank, institution, or organization would step in. One of ACE’s founding shareholders stepped up to arrange secured financing in less than 48 hrs.

The show went on!

This led to a period of discovery and research. Rising talent from a variety segments: music, sports, gaming, fashion, actors, and comedians from all over the world voiced a need for financial support in pursuit of success. The concepts of crowd investing and digitization of real assets were becoming more mainstream. Fintech began to employ decentralized ledgers and smart contracts. Private investors in the entertainment space needed a secure, intuitive platform to evaluate and act on opportunities.

Now is the right time for ACE.

Current events further highlight the need for disruptive technology that breaks down barriers, accelerates the rise of the underprivileged, empowers community support, and closes the emotional distance between talent, fans, and investors from around the world.

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