How do I start a capital raise for investment?

Darren Moore
Last Updated: 1 year ago

How to Sign Up

  1. Sign up.
  2. Select 'Create Talent Profile'
  3. Select your listing symbol. It should be a shortened version of your 'stage name' or what people most know you as. For example, Mike Smith could be 'MSTH'.
  4. Start your capital raise:
    1. Decide how much money USD you would like to raise.
    2. Decide how many Tokens, representing shares, you want to offer.
    3. Decide on the offering price of each Token.
    4. Submit.
  5. Complete all following pre-listing due diligence requirments. Until this is complete, all invested cash will be held by ACE, and then released to the Talent upon completion. If taking longer than 30 days to complete the following, the cash may be returned to the investors.

The following is the pre-listing due diligence requirments for a Talent to be listed on ACE for investment. Some of these steps may already be complete when a Talent applies to be listed – all of which shall be verified for proper arrangement, order, and composition, prior to being listed. Additional items may be required by ACE on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-Listing Due Diligence Requirements

  1. Form Ltd Co for Talent; Register Talent Limited Company in ACE authorized location; report any existing 3rd party shareholders other than the Talent themselves;
  2. Name ACE as Co-Director in Talent Ltd Co as Custodian of shares: authority, power of attorney to issue shares on Talent Co behalf, co-signer / co-authorizer for new share issuance;
  3. All talent-related activity, intellectual property, trade secrets, derivative works, etc. sold/assigned to Ltd Co; User Agreement + ACE shared folder;
  4. All contract, deals, revenue through, etc. assigned to, Ltd Co;
  5. All short-term liabilities assigned or transferred to, Ltd Co (no bank debt, long-term debt, or existing liens can be assigned);
  6. Bank Account open(ed) in Ltd Co name in an investment grade bank with USD correspondence;
  7. ACE given viewer rights to bank account;
  8. User agreements signed;
  9. Quarterly reporting agreements signed;
  10. Persons assigned to paperwork (fiduciary); and
  11. External legal counsel assigned and listed as fiduciary.

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